POWER LIFTING: Paw Paw lifters make All-State team

Butch Hindenach • pawtwice@bloomingdalecom.net
Paw Paw juniors Connor and Kolby Hindenach finished among the  top 10 in their classes at the State power lifting finals. Photo courtesy of Hindenach family

   WEST BRANCH - It was a  long but successful trip across the state Sunday for some of Paw Paw’s power lifting team squad. Three members made the boys state finals.
   Junior Kolby Hindenach came on late to move from 13th place to 10th in his class, which made him a member of the All-State team. He set a career best in the dead lift with 470 pounds, and achieved a new high in combined total weight at 1,055 pounds.
   Junior Connor Hindenach, who was in contention for a first place finish right to the end, finally took third place honors and a place on the All-State team as well. He achieved a personal best in combined weight at 1,320 pounds, and broke his own school record at 565 pounds dead lift, barely missing at 605.    
   Senior Charles Miller almost put three Redskins on the honors team, when he moved up from 17th place to 13th place in the final standings in an impressive performance.
   Their teammate, Kaity Fusko, was eligible for Saturday’s girls power lifting finals, but was unable to compete. As a member of Paw Paw’s competitive cheer team, too, she was participating in the state finals at the Delta Plex in Grand Rapids the same day.
   Paw Paw’s Logan Leonard placed sixth in his weight class last week at the junior varsity state weight lifting competition. 

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