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Letter to the Editor:
    The articles on the Carnegie Building and the Paw Paw Library have been very interesting and informative. What a history they have told!
    I loved reading about the early days of Paw Paw and the surrounding area. It was fun seeing familiar names and places throughout the narrative. Of particular interest was the contribution women made in Paw Paw’s development. Great series.
    I’ve also enjoyed the return of “Old News”.
    Jeff Brown
    Paw Paw


To the editor:
    We want to thank the entire staff and administration of the Bert Goens Learn-ing Center in Lawrence for making the graduation of our 2020 graduates so very special.
    Because of the virus, everything at school has been different. These lovely people brought the ceremony to each student’s home. A yard sign, cap and gown, speeches, the works! Chairs were set up on the front lawn. The superintendent, Board member, teachers, and staff were all there. People in cars honked their horns as they drove by.
    Thank you, from a proud grandparent, for making this time so very special for our children and their families.
    God Bless -
    Barbara L. Ewing


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