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Dear Citizens,
    The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office and the Van Buren County Prosecutor’s Office support the Parents Who Host Lose the Most: Don’t Be a Party to Underage Drinking campaign. Furnishing alcohol, marijuana, or other illegal substances to minors, even your own children, is illegal and can result in serious criminal charges, and quite possibly a civil lawsuit.
    Hosting parties where teens are allowed to drink alcohol is extremely dangerous and poses a great risk to the children in attendance. It is illegal to allow minors to drink alcohol in your home, even if you did not personally provide the alcohol. Teens who consume alcohol, marijuana, or other illegal substances risk criminal charges which could negatively impact their future. Teenagers are not equipped to handle the effects of alcohol and could have serious physical reactions or engage in behavior which causes harm to themselves or others.
    Furthermore, parents who host these parties send the wrong message to teens at a critical stage of their life - that breaking the law is okay. It is not.
    We encourage all of you to take the pledge: host substance free parties for teens; don’t allow teens to possess or consume alcohol, marijuana, or other illegal substances; and discourage teens from attending parties where substances will be available to them.
    For more information about the negative effects of teen drinking and how to talk to your youth about drinking, please visit:
    Sheriff Daniel Abbott
    Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office
    Prosecutor Michael Bedford
    Van Buren County Prosecutor’s Office


Dear Editor,
    Red Arrow Soccer Club (RASC), as have other youth sports in the local area, had its season cancelled in April due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In response, the RASC Board of Directors made the decision to refund 100 percent of all spring fees back to their soccer families, while  giving them the option of donating all or a portion of their fees to the club’s scholarship fund.
    The scholarship fund provides financial assistance to soccer families, with the goal to now fully fund scholarships toward player fees and uniforms needed to those families in need. As with others, many of our families have had their lives turned upside down due to the pandemic. RASC is dedicated to not allowing money to be a barrier for players having the opportunity to play the sport they love and are committed to matching 100 percent of every family’s donation. RASC is grateful for the response from families and look forward to resuming play in the upcoming season. For more information on Red Arrow Soccer Club, visit:
    Mailing Address:
    Red Arrow Soccer Club
    PO BOX 533
    Mattawan, MI 49071

Thank you,
    Megan Richter
    RASC Board Secretary


Dear Editor,
    In November of this year we will make significant, and critical choices for leadership in our states and at the Federal level in our country. Our campaign ads involving billions of dollars are getting worse, and here is my argument.
    If you were attempting to become superintendent of your local school system, you would need to provide your resume experience for the position, along with a serious in-person interview with a selection committee.
    If you wanted to be the CEO of a corporation, you would do likewise, along with the need to receive sufficient shareholder votes to be approved. But what if these two important positions, or titles, worked like our current campaign TV ads involving attacks on the candidate trying to obtain the same position you were?
    What if you went before the school board and ran down the other candidates for the position instead of touting your own talents, experience, and reasons for being the right person for the opening?
    The same would apply for a CEO position, in which you attacked your competition instead of explained why you were the person best equip-ped to lead the company?
    As a voter I do not want the person running for an important office to cherry pick information or pull it out of context to distort my perception of the opponent, or the reasons he is a horrible choice for my vote.
    We can do better and save money in the process by making our candidates stick to the facts of their own talents, experience, and leadership skills. We are wasting billions of dollars with a flawed selection systems that distorts candidate talent and makes voting that much more difficult. It does not have to be like this.
    Richard Teremi, Sr.


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