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To the editor,
   The week of June 14-22, my scouting friends and I worked on my Eagle Scout project at the Paw Paw Middle School. We weeded, edged and mulched all seven of the gardens on the East and West sides of the building, edged and mulched the book box, and we weeded, re-soiled and planted new flowers in the box under the sign.
   My project depended on getting mulch - lots and lots of mulch. We ended up using eight yards of mulch. That is a full trailer of mulch (five yards) and an additional pile of three yards in the parking lot. That’s a lot of mulch!
   I was a very lucky scout! I contacted several places, but when I spoke to Kusmack Excavating, near the Decatur exit on I-94 at 58794 43rd St., Paw Paw, they told me to talk to Wyatt. Wyatt was a Boy Scout and had earned his Eagle Scout rank. He looked at the project and told me I would need a lot more mulch than I estimated. HE GAVE ME ALL MY MULCH FOR FREE!! I am grateful for his kindness and generosity.
   When you see my project with the bright red mulch at the school, please think of Wyatt Kusmack and family. Then use them for all your landscaping needs.
   Yours in Scouting,
   Alex West


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