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Attention, Arlington Township Residents:
    You need to attend the next township meeting! Your new neighbors may be marijuana “open growers.” Marijuana is classified as “agriculture,” but it’s not like the corn or soy beans that have been growing next to you. This crop comes complete with an eight-foot high metal fence, spot lights, security cameras, and security guards. You will also have to endure a severe odor, increased traffic, and lower property values.
    Decisions made will change the landscape of our township. Several marijuana licenses have already been approved, 16 more are waiting for approval, and the board currently has no limit on the number of licenses they will approve.
    Be there Wednesday, May 15 at 7 p.m., Arlington Township Hall.
    Cheryl Sanborn Duncan
    Centennial Family Farm Owner
    Arlington Township


Dear Editor,
    Paw Paw High School Class of 1964 will be having its 55th Class Reunion this July 19, 20, and 21 at Freshwater Church. We have been unable to make contact with the following classmates:
    Al Anthony, Vincent Arent, Harriet Bradley, Don Harrington, Bob Peck, and Walt Spiech.
    If any of your readers can provide me with current information, they can contact me at (269) 345-9422 or e-mail at
    Thank you for your help,
    Mary Jo Bleau-Grant


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