To the Editor:
    On behalf of the Village of Paw Paw, I want to thank all who entered the Light Decorating Contest. The object was to “Light up the Village”. There were eight business and 31 residential participants; a little less than last year. Many people decorated but did not enter. The winner's credit will show up on your electric bill, which is paid in February.
    The winners are:
        Full paid -
      Jeff Marcelletti
        51087 35-1/2 St.
      Jerry & Joann Robinson
        704 E. Berrien St.
      Marvin Barnes
        163 Tulip St.
      Jennifer Johnson
        620 Elm St.
        Half paid -
      Eric and Ruby Simon
        205 N. LaGrave St.
      Ron & Kathy Stratton,  621 Paw Paw St.
      Scott Nugteren
        36750 Hidden Lane
      Marion Nugteren
        201 Fairfield Dr.

        $100 -   Taylor Country Florist
     Paw Paw Area Chamber of Commerce
         $50 -
    Lakes & Country
        Real Estate
      Creative Catering
        (Garden Griddle)
    The full paid and $100 prizes are based on judging, and the half paid and $50 credit were selected by random drawings.
    Wayne  Wilhelmi


Dear editor,
    Thank you, Paw Paw area donors, for helping us reach our modest goal of 40 pints of blood at last week’s American Red Cross blood drive at the Kristorpher Club (formerly Knights of Columbus) Hall.  Fifty-nine people came to donate, some were rejected, but 47 were successful.  These 47 pints of blood will help close to 150 people in need.  
    What a wonderful gift to give in this season of giving.  Those who attempted are as important as those who were successful.  Thanks to all.
    Our reliable crew of workers deserve credit for the drive’s success: Dan Wydick, Clarence Stimac, Jacqui Groenland, Rick Garcia, Bill Zolp; and for this drive, we had help from a Boy Scout, Nickolaus Schubert, who is working for his medical badge.
    The refreshment table dessert bakers Mary Arbanas, Jacqui Groenland, Virginia Wunderlich, and Patty Hover provided delicious cookies, and Norma Garcia melt-in-your-mouth apple and cherry Danish, for the donors.  Thanks all.
    The next local American Red Cross blood drive at which these donors (AND YOU) can donate will be at the Paw Paw Lions Club on Wednesday, Feb. 13, from noon until 6 p.m.  
    Merry Christmas everyone.
    Frank Wunderlich
    Blood Drive coordinator
    Paw Paw Knights of Columbus


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