Paw Paw Boy Scout Alex West stands beside the outdoor bench he built for his Eagle Scout project.  The bench will be part of the first phase of new landscaping around the Paw Paw Middle School. 	Photo courtesy of Alex West

To the editor,
    It has been my privilege to do my Eagle Scout Project with the help of many people. The final phase of my project was building a flip-back bench to accent the first phase of woodchip landscaping at the Paw Paw Middle School.
    As you know, treated wood is very expensive and I needed it to build the bench. Mr. Roy Meyer from Meyer Wood Products stepped up to help me as a local scout! He GAVE me all of my treated wood and cut the boards to the length I needed (scouts are not allowed to use power tools - an adult must do any power tool work). Without the support of businessmen like Mr. Meyer, scouts would have a very hard time completing their Eagle Scout service projects.
    I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Meyer again for his support, and I hope all readers of this paper will go to Meyer Wood Products, 32180 Red Arrow Highway, Paw Paw, (269) 657-3450, for all of their wood product needs. He is a wonderful supporter of Scouting.
    Alex West
    Paw Paw
    BSA Troop 169


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