PPHS 2020 Top Senior Student-Athletes named

Paw Paw High School graduating senior Mason Popp has been honored as the top student-athlete of the Class of 2020.Paw Paw High School graduating senior Claudia Muessig has been honored as the top student-athlete of the Class of 2020.

    PAW PAW - Paw Paw High School’s top student-athletes for the Class of 2020 are Mason Popp and Claudia Muessig.  
    The honors, the Hindenach-Dawson Award for the boys and the Redskins Booster Club Award for the girls, are given each year to the two athletes who best exhibit the qualities as best in their graduating class in academics, athletics, and all-around positive contributions to their class and school.
    Mason Popp competed in baseball and football. In his final season on the gridiron, as quarterback and a defensive back, he was very instrumental in leading the Redskins to a 10-2 record, a Division IV first place ranking, and a District championship.  
    Popp was selected as a member of the All Wolverine Conference football team, and the Southwest Michigan Football Dream Team.
    Muessig was a three-year All Wolverine Conference soccer player, and a member of the Division IV All State soccer squad three times. The lack of a spring sports season this year, without a doubt, cost her a remarkable four year tenure on both honor teams.  
    Muessig also earned both Wolverine Conference and All State berths on Paw Paw’s highly successful Competitive Cheer teams. In addition, she performed as place kicker for the Redskin football team, setting a school record by converting successfully 54 out of 56 extra point attempts, plus three field goals.  
    Muessig also may have accomplished something no other football player in the state did this year, earning both a Southwest Michigan Football Dream Team spot, and a place on Paw Paw’s Homecoming Queen’s court.

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