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Dear Friends of Agriculture,
    The Van Buren County Farm Bureau is raising funds to purchase grain bin rescue equipment. We would like to purchase a tube for every fire department in the county and equip two trailers with the rest of the equipment needed to rescue personnel from a grain bin.
    We have contacted the firefighters association in the county and have their support. We have the support of several departments to respond to any rescue site within the county with the equipment trailers.
    The Van Buren County Farm Bureau has already received some support for this project, but we are seeking additional support from other sources. One of the sources we would like to partner with is the very suppliers and service providers that we all use every year.
    Those donating at $1,000, $750, $500, and $250 will be recognized on the trailers as friends and supporters of agriculture in Van Buren County. All other donations are welcome, also.
    The county board and the grain bin operators of Van Buren County would appreciate you considering a donation to this project; after all, the life you help save may be one of your customers, friends, or family.
    Send donations to:  Van Buren County Farm Bureau, 38880 West Red Arrow Highway, Paw Paw, MI, 49079.
    Danielle Rickli,
    County Administrative Manager Van Buren County Farm Bureau
    Office: (269) 657-3293
    Fax: (269) 657-4697
    38880 W. Red Arrow Highway
    Paw Paw, MI  49079


Dear Editor
    I am writing to encourage support of Representative Beth Griffin’s rural broadband bill, House Bill 4268.
    The purpose of this legislation is to bring much needed broadband expansion to underserved areas of rural Michigan. I’m sure in years past, there were the same challenges bringing telephone and electric service to rural areas.
    As Register of Deeds, I know that home owners, businesses, and others want and need this technology in today’s world of digital commerce. Many people work from home, have home businesses, or are considering locating businesses here but they are unable to because there isn’t broadband in certain areas. Even our local students rely on the internet to complete homework assignments for school.
    What Representative Griffin’s House Bill does is create a personal property tax exemption for qualifying broadband equipment in rural areas. This helps broadband providers make investments in rural areas where they otherwise would not consider providing service due to the long distances between users.
    One concern with this legislation is that local government will lose a source of revenue because they are unable to assess personal property tax on this equipment. The problem with this reasoning is that companies are currently not providing this service or plan on it because it isn’t economically feasible with our current tax structure. We stand to lose prospective homeowners and businesses choosing to locate here because broadband is not available. This would also greatly benefit our current businesses and residents if it were available. I hope you will join me in supporting Representative Griffin’s legislation.  
    Paul DeYoung
    Rural Waverly Township



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