Village creates Redevelopment District for former Lawton nursing care facility

Paul Garrod -

    LAWTON - The Lawton Village Council Tuesday night  approved a resolution adopting a Commercial Rehabilitation District for 99 Walker St., the site of a vacant nursing home facility.
    The facility located on the property is approximately 45,000-square feet and sits on two parcels consisting of approximately 13.5 acres.
    According to Lawton Village Manager Lisa Imus, this property is the only property being included in the CRD. Imus said the facility was constructed and operated for years as a nursing home.  The property is currently not able to be used in its current state, as it suffers from irreparable damage due to improper weatherization and will need a completely new heating system, according to Imus.  “Additionally, new building code requirements impede its current use.   It has received a Certification of Obsolesce from our assessor,” said Imus.
    With the council’s resolution approval Tuesday night  of forming the  Commercial Rehabilitation District, the property owners may then apply for a property tax exemption certificate that can last from one to 10 years.
    According to Imus,  the Commercial Rehabilitation Tax freezes the current taxable value of the building and exempts the rehabilitated property from local taxes. School operating and state education taxes are still collected on the property.
    The council also approved a “graduation parade” leading from Lawton High School  through town to congratulate and recognize all 2020 graduates. Imus said May 29 has been set as a tentative date.

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