Gobles youth earns Talons Out flight

Paul Garrod - news4garrod@vineyardpress.biz

        WASHINGTON, D.C. -   A sixth grade Gobles Middle School student was the top middle school winner of the Veteran’s Legacy Essay Contest, sponsored by Talons Out Honor Flight. The winning essay, written by Kenneth Pomeroy, enabled him to attend free of charge, Mission 17 last Saturday of  the Talons Out Honor Flight.
    Pomeroy read  his  essay at Arlington National Cemetery,  about  World War II veteran, Walter J. Johnson, who was born in Bangor in 1924. The essays were to focus about the experiences of a World War II or Korean vet from  Pomeroy’s  community. Pomeroy had heard Johnson’s son, Richard, a resident of Gobles, talk about his father earlier this year.
    Johnson entered the Army at age 21 and served as an anti-aircraft battery. Pomeroy said of Johnson, “Because of his being in the war, he had seen many things, things that most people would not like to see. This made him look at everything from a different angle. Something like forgetting to  turn the light off is nothing to him. He would do it sometimes but it wasn’t that big of a deal. This is what war can do to you.”
    Pomeroy wrote, “He (Johnson) had to sacrifice leaving his family and not being able to see them for a long time. People  always respected him for what he did. They were thankful that this man helped keep this country safe. Because of his bravery, he had set a good example to all, kids and adults. He was looked up to as well. They believed they could do as much good as Walter had done. So the next time you see a veteran, make sure you thank them for their service and tell them how grateful you are for them. Because of them, this great nation is free.”

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