VB Judges credited for community service

   PAW PAW - The Michigan Supreme Court recently recognized Judge Kathleen M. Brickley and Judge Michael T. McKay for their community outreach efforts in Van Buren County, according to a press release from the Van Buren County Courthouse.
   The January 2019 edition of Michigan’s Judiciary Success Stories article features the series titled, “Judges in the Community: Giving Back and Making a Difference.”
   While the publication highlights Judge Brickley and Judge McKay, the press release noted all Van Buren County judges have committed to “court to community” efforts.
   According to the press release, the court has increased its community involvement and started a transparency campaign to improve services to court users. This includes developing programs to meet the needs of court users, attending local units of government meetings and increasing training options for employees.
   “Too often, people think of courts as a consequence rather than a resource. The reality is that, for many communities, the court is the resource hub - we just haven’t been particularly adept at conveying this,” said Judge Brickley.
   Judge McKay said, “We owe it to those we serve to be leaders in our community and demonstrate that we take seriously the responsibility we are given by the people who elect us.”
   The Michigan’s Judiciary Success Story is published by the Michigan Supreme Court and the State Court Administrative Office.

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